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We know you can buy stuff anywhere on the internet today, so why choose us?

1. Our experience
- we've been at this since way back in 1991 (it feels like a long time ago to us, too LOL!). We test most of what we sell, and we only recommend what we'll stand behind. There's a lot of junk out there. We won't sell it to you.

2. Our track record - everything we do for you is on time and on budget.  Guaranteed. We don't miss deadlines or go over your budget with surprise charges.

3. Our perfectionism - We are perfectionists who protect your brand every step of the way (sometimes more than you do!) because we understand how important your brand is and we treat it accordingly.  The logo will always be right or we will make it right at no cost to you.

 Look. We get it. The internet has all kinds of stuff now that you can put your logo on. And lots of it is cheap. But there's a reason you should choose to work with a professional. It's called peace of mind. We know what we're doing.

What if you order something online and then your order comes in all wrong?  Or you get charged more money than you expected?  Or it doesn't come in on time? Or at all?  And there's no time to fix the problem before your event?

We just don't work that way.  We know you don't have time or money to waste, and we respect that. We don't either!

We handle everything for you - from ideas to inventory issues to art problems to shipping dates. And we stay in contact with you through the whole process.  We're your partners, here to bring you that peace of mind so you can focus on doing YOUR job. 

Got questions about what we do?  Contact us HERE and we'll call you soon.


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